Let the Buyer Beware

November 3, 2016

My seventh grade Latin class gave me my first exposure to the phrase caveat emptor — let the buyer beware.

This is a warning that has been necessary since the earliest days of civilization, a call for the consumer to be careful, for what they think they are getting may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Why? Because there have always been those unscrupulous individuals amongst us who try to sell us something that can’t possibly live up to their sales pitch, or worse, that is patently defective.

It is exactly that warning that is needed this election because there has arrived a snake oil salesman promising to cure all our ills the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time, if ever.

His name is Donald Trump, and he is selling himself as a savior who will lead the aggrieved to their promised land. He is not. He is a false prophet who has a lifelong history of serving only one entity: himself.

And just what would you be getting with Donald Trump?

A man who has no real allegiance to the Republican Party. He has switched party affiliation five times over the years to suit his own needs. The only allegiance Trump has ever displayed is to himself.

A man who used five deferments to avoid serving in the military, yet he demeans former prisoner of war veteran John McCain and disparages the Kahn family whose son sacrificed his life in service to his country.

A man who brags of sexual conquests, who committed adultery, who dumped a loyal wife of twelve years because — in his words — she no longer appealed to him sexually after bearing his children, and who has a history of questionable behavior towards women in general.

A man who boasts of his fabulous wealth (though he is in actuality only #156 on the list of American billionaires) as well as his manipulation of the system to pay little in tax money (unlike Warren Buffet, #3 on the list, and most likely you).

A man who has used undocumented immigrants to work on his buildings, Chinese steel to build them, and other people’s money to finance them (losing billions of it in the process).

A man who claims to be the champion of the working man but has a long record of stiffing vendors and contractors.

A man who thinks he knows more than generals though he has never been in war, a man who thinks he knows more than those who have experience in serving the public — something he himself has never done, a man who thinks he is the only one who can solve all the complex problems of a nation when he could not solve problems in the very business enterprises he ran.

A man who uses mockery, slander, and innuendo as campaign tools and lawsuits as a personal weapon.

A man whose path to the White House has been built on the flimsy foundation of “reality” show notoriety, hollow catch phrases, big promises lacking few details of how they will be achieved, and slick commercials rather than any substantial or relevant qualifications or achievements.

That is what you will be getting.

So let the buyer beware. Don’t fall for this promise of an “easy cure,” for there will be no refunds and no returns. What you will end up with is one very bad case of buyer’s remorse.

And the entire country will end up paying for it.



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